Sunday, 19 June 2011

Procrastination Accomplishments

It is amazing what can be accomplished when one is procrastinating another task. I have baked several high calorie chocolate treats, cleaned the rabbits' cage, pulled the oven out to clean the crusties from in between the counter and stove top and yes, even set up my first blog. I am the self appointed Queen of Procrastination. Never is my house as clean or organized as when I have report cards to complete and final exams to grade. Why can I not just buckle down to the time sensitive task? I keep telling myself I need to be "in the mood". The mood usually involves several bags of Old Dutch bbq chips, Toblerone chocolate bars and a plethora of diet coke. Definitely not brain food, but comforting in some sense. Invoking memories of cramming for finals during university classes. My goal this week is to focus on completing my required tasks and if need be incorporate an incentive program to assist me with success. So, if you see me on FB or wandering aimlessly through the junk food aisle at Thrifty's I plead with you to intervene and save me from my procrastination.
What tasks do you tend to procrastinate?